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Ajda de Feij

'Imagine This'

With my work, I want to turn to the subconsciousness, capture emotion or strong attraction to the canvas.
Most creations come as an impulse, fascination, obsession, I won’t stop until it is completed.



Ajda de Feij, since 1988

Abstract artist

Born in The Hague - The Netherlands with (Slovenian roots) a turbulent life has brought a lot of experience, insight and knowledge.
I try to capture a trigger by use of composition, color and rhythm.
My interest is the part where the (unconscious) mind will try to make it into a recognizable image.

The brain will use personal experiences and emotions, what for a few moments can turn my work into a personal mirror.

Catalogue 2017-2018

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"Can't be"
This work addresses to the attempt of reaching what you aim for with the struggle of endless possibilities combining feelings of uncertainty and doubt.
There is always light at the end of a tunnel even when you can’t see it, it might be around the corner.



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The Hague


Phone: +316 25 20 31 87                 


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Telefoon +31 (6) 25 20 31 87